Management Services

Sourcing a Tenant

  • Setting the Rental Rate

    This is our first step and we ensure we perform a market study to achieve a balance between maximizing monthly income and maintaining a low vacancy rate.

  • Marketing and advertising your property

    We know exactly where to advertise your property and when. We use all avenues to ensure your rental home gets maximum exposure. Whether it’s simple signage or extensive online rental portals our goal is to attract as many potential tenants as possible.

  • Finding you the best tenant

    Our job is to find you the best tenant for your rental home. We take care of all the details including:

    • Criminal and Background Searches
    • Eviction Checks
    • Running Credit Reports
    • Verifying Employment
    • Securing solid References from previous Landlords.
  • Rent Collection and Tenant Relations

    Once a tenant is secured and in the home it is our job to collect the rent every month and ensure that it is deposited into our owner’s accounts on time. We have various ways for our tenants to pay their rent including online and by direct debit. We have a very strict policy on late rental payments and do our best to ensure our tenants adhere to the terms clearly set out in their lease. If a tenant is not in compliance with their lease we manage the relationship between the owner and the tenant and do our best to keep conflict to a minimum.

General Management

  • Maintenance Requests

    Like any home, maintenance issues do occur from time to time. They can range from the very simple to the very serious and it is our job to handle them all. We clearly outline to all tenants what constitutes and emergency and what does not. Emergencies are explained in the tenant guide and the owner’s handbook. Our tenants provide us with an electronic work order and this is handled within 72 hours of receiving the request. All maintenance work and cost is approved by owners prior to work commencing except in the case of emergencies.

  • Quarterly Inspections

    As part of our management service we perform quarterly inspections of the rental home. It is our job to ensure the property is being properly maintained and kept in good condition. We then provide our clients with a report and photographs of the inspection.

  • Vendor Relations

    Having solid relationships with maintenance crews and tradesmen is a vital part of property management. Keeping the costs low for owners is our priority while maintaining a high level of service to our tenants. We work to get you the best price for any work carried out and will oversee any maintenance projects.

  • Compliance

    Keeping a rental property in compliance with housing regulations and the Florida landlord/tenant law is very important to both us and our clients. We keep your home up to date with local, state and federal laws while maintaining fair housing regulations by ensuring our team continues their education and licensing.

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